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The coolant temperature sensor in your vehicle is an important device.Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light) P0128 Bmw Description Indicates that the thermostat monitor has not achieved the required engine operating temperature within a specified amount of time after starting the engine.BMW 520d and BMW 518d with the new B47 engine make their debut today.

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As a general rule a compression of 135 PSI or better is excellent, and a compression of 85 PSI or lower is extremely bad.

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This is the stock aluminum thermostat housing for cars with the M20 6 cylinder engine - 325e, 325i, 528e, 525i.Its one of the reasons BMW dont show coolant temp anymore to regualr drivers Range is from 80C - 111C (176F - 231F ).

This Cooling system temperature sensor mounts into the lower radiator hose.If improvements in the air side of the system are possible, the radiator design is the best bang for the buck.

The check engine light is designed to be a way your BMW, or any vehicle, can let you know when something is not right.

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The 2011 BMW X3 is a fine, if pricey, choice for drivers seeking sport sedan dynamics in a crossover SUV.

Intercooler Efficiency Test How intercooler design can changer the performance, efficiency and power of your engine.

What is "normal" operating temperature?

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For Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature and SMG Transmission Temperature. 1999 BMW 323i E46. 1999 BMW 328i E46. 2011 BMW 1 Series M.

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While it may be something simple, it is always best to give your check engine light the benefit of the double and take it seriously, before the problem escalates into expensive damage.

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When it debuted seven years ago, the BMW X3 seemed like a natural follow-up to its larger linemate, the X5.This is with engine at about 2000 rpms and not taking humidity into consideration.In boosted engines, charge air coolers are used to keep charge air temperatures from becoming too high, these can transfer heat from the charge air to the engine coolant, the ambient air or a separate lower temperature liquid.So the answer to the question is, normal operating temperature is a range with minimum determined by the thermostat.

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Anyone know why my temperature gauge would gravitate towards the blue outside normal running temperature even when the car has been running for a while.I will like to know what the normal engine temp for a 2008 bmw 535i.

There is more than one school of thought on what the compression of the average engine should be.

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Next, an increase in pump speed will result in the best temperature the current components are capable of.The new generation four-cylinder diesel engines not only increases the power output, but also lowers the fuel consumption.

Speed was in the 60-80 Km range and RPM around 1500 the whole way.Therefore, a higher temperature thermostat will not cure a hot running engine. (Unless, of course, the original thermostat is faulty in the first place.).The larger temperature differential between the ambient air and coolant temperature will need peak radiator efficiency.D heat often makes d bonnet radiator hoses swollen: almost bursting.

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I was driving this afternoon and my engine temperature warning came on.I have done a basic test on my car at idle and have found that the exhaust pipe temperature just hits 100 deg C eg boiling point of water 1050mm away from the exhaust port.

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Saw my engine temperature (on my ScangaugeII) jump from a normal 82C to as high as 101C last night while driving from Plattsburgh NY to Montreal in a snow storm.Is the engine coolant temperature sensor utilized for opening the thermostat.It is an important dial that is located on the dashboard of your vehicle.

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With an adequately pressurized system and an efficient radiator, a higher-temperature thermostat (190 degree F instead of 180) will improve engine cooling—it will slow the coolant and do a more thorough job of absorbing heat.Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store.